This is a patented elastic rubber webbing strap with molded in metal clips which are angled 30 degrees inwards and available in eleven standard lengths from 325 to 560 mm. ( for distances of 358 till 672 mm, or 14,09 to 26,45 inches, between slots on your furniture).

You find the Fagas straps in furniture designed by Hans Wegner, Ib Kofod Larsen, Illum Wickelsö, Folke Ohlsson, Poul Jensen etc. and from producers such as: DUX, OPE-möbler, Bröderna Andersson, IKEA, Bodafors Moderna Möbler, JOC, Zelig, Getama and more, especially on vintage furniture from 1950 -1990, but also on for example newly produced design from Mats Theselius for Källemo.



Photo 8:  There can be long continuous grooves (the slots) in the wood frame in which the metal clips of the fagas strap sit.


Photo 9:  Or several shorter grooves which clearly indicate how many straps are needed. For the continuous grooves we recommend 6-8 straps per seat (sofas should therefore be considered as having several seats) , but there are exceptions.


Photo 10: For example, the chair LARS in teak by Niels Koefod, and produced at Koefoeds möbelfabrik in Horslet Denmark, has slot spaces for only 4 Fagas straps


Photo 11: While the same chair LARS in oak from later production has space for 6 straps.


Photo 12:  On some Danish furniture models a long piece of metal is used as a catch for the strap clips which works just a well as grooves.


Photo 13:  On a majority of furniture the straps are mounted in one direction, from front to back or side to side.


Photo 14+15: Exceptions to this include: Niels Koefoeds chair LARS and Ib Kofod Larsen’s chair SAMSÖ on which the Fagas straps are mounted in a woven pattern front to back and side to side.


Photo 15:


Photo 16+17:  Many years ago a variation of the Fagas strap was produced using a metal plug at each end instead of the angled metal clip. These are no longer produced.


Photo 17:


Photo 18:  There have also been rubber webbing straps produced in the past without the binded metal clips called ROTEX. These straps have thickened rubber ends that nest in the grooves of the furniture. In most cases these can be replaced with Fagas straps.


Photo 19:  A vintage copy cat from Firestone USA.


Prices are from 155 to 220 SEK per fagas strap and with the option to purchase in Euro or US-dollar.

If the straps are to be delivered outside the EU , the Swedish VAT will be automatically deducted from your purchase.

Eventual shipping costs will be added and are visible when you have placed your order in the shopping basket.

You also have the option to pick-up or purchase directly from PTV: s shop in Gothenburg..

ATT: if you are situated in North America, please turn directly to our agent Malefors Vintage Imports with stock of Fagas straps in Arizona.

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