Use the strap measurement table below to check which Fagas strap is suitable and optimal for your furniture. Keep focus on measurement B on your furniture and you will easily find the right strap.

Then order by clicking on your choice of strap (the blue number) and you will be linked to our webshop to complete your purchase.

All lengths are stored in our warehouse in Sweden, so you can count on express outgoing delivery, normally you receive within 7-10 days if you are situated outside Sweden.

You also have the option to pick-up or purchase directly from PTV: s shop in Gothenburg.

ATT: if you are situated in North America, please turn directly to our agent Malefors Vintage Imports with stock of Fagas straps in Arizona.




Strap measurement table



Strap No.325 Fits distance from 358 till 382 mm (or 14,09 to 15,03 inch).

Strap No.345 Fits distance from 382 till 406 mm (or 15,03 to 15,98 inch).

Strap No.365 Fits distance from 406 till 430 mm (or 15,98 to 16,93 inch).

Strap No.385 Fits distance from 430 till 454 mm (or 16,93 to 17,87 inch).

Strap No.405 Fits distance from 454 till 478 mm (or 17,87 to 18,82 inch).

Strap No.425 Fits distance from 478 till 502 mm (or 18,82 to 19,76 inch).

Strap No.445 Fits distance from 502 till 526 mm (or 19,76 to 20,70 inch).

Strap No.465 Fits distance from 526 till 550 mm (or 20,70 to 21,65 inch).

Strap No.485 Fits distance from 550 till 574 mm (or 21,65 to 22,59 inch).

Strap No.500 Fits distance from 574 till 600 mm (or 22,59 to 23,62 inch).

Strap No.560 Fits distance from 600 till 672 mm (or 25,35 to 26,45 inch).


Example: Fagas strap No.425 suits for a total length of 478 mm to maximum 502 mm (or 18,82 to maximum 19,76 inch) from slot to slot on your furniture.

- Its important to choose the correct length in order to preserve the effect and duration of the straps.

- If you end on a measure right between two straps, choose the shorter strap.